ThingLink: Interactive Images


Thinglink is a free website where you can create interactive images.  It is a way for you to create one image that includes music, video, text, images, shops, and social media.  Thinglink can be used for presentations, assignments, organizational strategies, and more.

Once you sign up, you can build a stream, similarly to picking boards for Pinterest.  You can also skip this step if you simply want to use the features of Thinglink.  You can search within Thinglink for images and post and create your own interactive images.  Once the image is posted, anyone with an account can post comments – which could be used for class discussion or teacher follow up.  If you like the way Thinglink works, you can download the app that can be used on your iPhone or iPad.

Please remember that Thinglink is a public website, so if the image is not your own, the students and yourself will need to follow copyright and cite the images.  For more information about copyright and image citation, please see Media Services Copyright & Free Media Resources guide.

To get inspiration, check out the many examples listed below.



The Great Gatsby


Educators and Twitter


ThingLink for Educators


Do you need more inspiration for how to use this tool in your classroom?  Check out this presentation By Donna Baumbach on 74+ Interesting Ways to use ThingLink in the Classroom.

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian

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