Your W Drive: A Good Alternative for Sharing Files

W drive

With the popularity of the flipped classroom and more online classes, lecture videos are a must. However, did you know there is a file size limit of 50MB that you can post to Blackboard or even email via your HPU email account? A five to ten minute video would more than likely exceed the 50MB limit. This file size limit hinders Blackboard instructors from posting videos for their class.

Why not use your W drive? The W drive is a personal, public drive that all HPU faculty and staff have access to use. You may not know, but you can already access and use the W drive now. The W drive is a good way to share large photos, documents, and video files with your class or colleagues. It is very simple to connect to, use, and access!

You can connect to your W drive just like any other share drive, like the O drive. All you need is the path that is listed below for both a Mac and PC computer. Others can access your W drive through your own personal website that is automatically set up for you. You can link the URL to Blackboard in order for your students to access large documents or lecture videos. Please follow the instructions below to connect, use, access your W drive. There are instructions provided from both a Mac and PC computer.


W drive for Mac:

  • Path: smb://acme/(username)
  • URL:

W drive for PC:

  • Path: \\acme\(username)
  • URL:


Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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