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Course Requirements – B.A. Dramatic Writing

In order to complete the major in theatre, a student must complete the theatre core requirement, one of the three areas of emphasis, and the electives requirement.

Requirements for a BA in Theatre (Dramatic Writing): (48 credits):

  • Theatre Core (24 credits)
    THE 1000. Foundations of Theatre
    THE 1300. Theatre Crafts or THE 2300 Costume and Make-up Crafts
    THE 1500. Fundamentals of Acting
    THE 2400. Fundamentals of Design and Theatre Architecture
    THE 3000. Studies in Theatre
    THE 1100. Theatre Participation (1 credit for 4 semesters)
  • Dramatic Writing Emphasis (12 credits)
    THE 2100. Playwriting
    THE 3100. Playwriting II
    COM 2231. Writing for Film and the Electronic Media or
    Any ENG Creative Writing Course
  • Electives (12 credits)
    THE 1100. Theatre Participation
    THE 1300. Theatre Crafts
    THE 2100. Playwriting
    THE 2200. CAD and Technology
    THE 2300. Costume and Make-up Crafts
    THE 2600. Contemporary Dance
    THE 2700. Jazz Dance
    THE 2800. Ballet
    THE 2888/3888/4888. Special Topics in Technical Theatre
    THE 2900. Dance Composition
    THE 3100. Playwriting II
    THE 3200. Costume Design
    THE 3300. Scenic and Lighting Design
    THE 3400. Directing
    THE 3500. Studies in Performance
    THE 3600. Acting for the Camera
    THE 4000. Creative Dramatics
    THE 4111. Independent Study (2-6 credits)
    THE 4500. Performance Studio
    THE 4600. Theatre Arts Administration
    THE 4800. Internship (4-6 credits)

Students will be advised in electing additional courses that will complement their career goals.




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