Think B.I.G.!


Who can apply?
Any full time High Point University faculty member can submit a grant proposal. Unfortunately at this time adjunct faculty are not eligible to participate.

How is a Think Big Grant different from Professional Growth Funds? Can I apply for both for the same project?
Professional Growth Funds support faculty scholarship while Thing Big Grants support innovative teaching. Yes, you can apply for both funds

Can a Think Big Grant assist with a current project/research that I already have underway?
If the project meets the criteria established in the Think Big guidelines but the funding is not retroactive.

We have some classroom/space issues that I would like to apply for a Think Big grant to rectify. Is this an appropriate use of these funds?
No, capital projects are not normally funded unless directly tied to an innovated teaching initiative.

What type of proposals have been funded in the past?
See Previously Funded Proposals

If my proposal is rejected can I resubmit the following year?

Can a team or committee of faculty submit a Think Big grant?

What funds are available?
A total of $100,000 is available to fund multiple projects. The Think Big Committee will consider funding larger projects that include multiple faculty and numerous students.

How and when can I submit a Think Big proposal?
Proposals are to be submitted online at the Think Big website. The deadline for submitting will be displayed on home page of the website. Awards will be announced during the Spring semester.

What information do I need to submit in a proposal?
See Proposal Guidelines

What criteria are used to select which proposals receive funding?
Proposals will be judged on the basis of the impact the event would have on the cultural and intellectual life on the University. WHen submitting a proposal, please keep the following criteria in mind:

  • How would the proposed grant benefit students and/or faculty?
  • Would the proposed grant raise the profile of the University?


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