Think B.I.G.!

Previously Funded Proposals

The following proposals were previously funded. You are welcome to read the proposals in order to better understand how to organize and write your own Think BIG proposal.


Acquisition of a Quick Response Emergency Vehicle PI: Dr. Kristin Ackermann

Is it Live or Memorex? PI: Prof. Rob Powell

Hype Versus Substance PI: Dr. Steve Lifland

Increasing Proficiency in the Laboratory Setting PI: Dr. Michael Grider


High Point University Mobile Lab PI: Dr. Vernon Coffield, Co-PI: Dr. Veronica A. Segarra, Dr. Melissa Srougi, $51,080

Virtual Reality at High Point University PI: Dr. Thomas Deaden, $23,245

The Perception Analyzer Project PI: Dr. Shannon Campbell, Co-PI: Dr. Mark Setzler, Dr. David Bergen, $25,675


Center for Community Research and Service PI: Dr. Martin Kifer-Political Science, Co-PI: Joe Blosser-Religion and Philosophy, Director of the Service Learning Program

Persuasive Speaking Proposal PI: Virginia McDermott-The Nido R. Qubein School of Communication

Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise in App Development PI: Ms. Kathryn Elliott, Co-PI: Dr. Stephanie Crofton, Dr. Daniel Hall, Mr. Roger Shore

The Speaking of SoTL Project PI: Dr. Matthew Schneider-Director Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Dr. Angela Bauer-Professor and Chair of Biology


Year of the Arts (YOTA), PI: Dr. John Turpin-School of Art and Design, YOTA Steering Committee (Dr. Carpenter, Dr. Foster, Dr. Paul, Mr. Raynor, Mr. Simpson $35,266.75


The HPU Digital Learning Initiative, PI: Dr. Holly Middleton, Assistant Professor and the Director of Composition, Department of English,

The Flipped Classroom Experiment, PI: Dr. Laurie Zack, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathmetics,

The HPU Community Writing Center, PI: Dr. Charmaine Cadeau, Assistant Professor, Department of English,


The HPU Democracy USA Project, PI: Rev. Dr. Joe Blosser, Director of Service Learning, Asst. Prof. of Religion and Philosophy, $50,000.
The HPU D-­‐USA Project is the result of a large group of faculty from across the University who met several times over the course of the Fall 2011 semester to craft the proposal and potential project.


Experimental Learning…There’s An App For That!, PI: Dr. Stephanie Crofton and Dr. Daniel Hall, Economics, Phillips School of Business, $12,750.

GPS: Go Places Safely – A Teaching/Research/Service Approach to Promoting Safe Driving., PI: Dr. Virginia McDermott, The Nido R. Qubein School of Communication, $25,000.


The Cariani Project; HPU New Play Contest, PI: Mr. Ed Simpson, Department of Theatre, $17,000.

Chemistry Interactive Multi-Media Pre-Laboratory Lectures, PI: Dr. Chris Fowler, Department of Chemistry and Physics, $53,292.

Music Technology Lab, PI: Drs. Marc Foster and Danny Frye, Department of Music, $97,152.


AESOP – After-school Experiential Science Outreach Program, PI: Dr. Elizabeth McCorquodale, $32,465.

The “MASTERS” PROJECT, PI: Mr. Jay Putnam, $17,200.


Center for 21st Century Teaching Methodologies, PI: Dr. Jane Bowser, $34,254.

Podcasting Physics — Solving Problems, PI: Dr. Aaron Titus, $19,901.


Plant Tissue Culture: Micropropagation and regeneration of herbaceous perennials native to the eastern United States, PI: Dr. Emily Nekl, $24,998.

Leadership Challenge Course, PI: Dr. Jenny Lukow, $95,725.


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