Think B.I.G.!

Sample Budget

Note: This example worksheet is not intended to be suggestive of the type, nature, or scope of projects that would or would not be funded. It is simply an example of how to enter information into the budget worksheet in your grant proposal.

An Example of the Budget Worksheet for a Think BIG Project

Total expected expenses



Expenses for the Classroom


Lab Manuals to teach the procedure and methodologies (30 @ $10)


Honorarium for guest speaker who lectures on the significance of the discovery of this new blood analysis procedure



Expenses for the Lab


Specimens for students to analyze

(30 @ $75)


Lab supplies needed for analysis


Equipment and computer software to perform analyses



Expenses to Provide the Analysis for Free for Senior Citizens in High Point


Transportation to the County Health Department


Supplies needed to perform analyses


Pamphlets to explain the procedure to senior citizens (500 @ $0.40)



Total expected income



Fees charged for analysis performed on non Senior Citizens (100 @ $10)


Grant from the Guilford County Health Department



Total funds requested (expenses minus income)




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