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Guidelines to Receive Reimbursement from a URCW Travel Grant

Guidelines to Receive Reimbursement for Travel from your URCW Travel Grant
(updated 1/1/18)

Important things to know:

  • An application will not be reviewed until students turn in the required Travel Release Form (Overnight Form or Day Form)
  • Students who are supported by a URCW grant are required to present their work at an HPU on-campus symposium.
  • Students must be undergraduates at the time of the conference to receive support.  However, students who graduate in early May can receive funds to attend a conference before May 31.
  • All travel supported by URCW funds should ultimately help promote academics and undergraduate research and creativity on our campus.

While you are traveling:

  • You must collect itemized receipts. A credit card receipt is not enough.  Include the tip on the receipt when you have tipped for services connected to the receipt (e.g.  taxi)
  • Take pictures that can be included in our newsletter and webpage

Within two weeks of your return you must submit the following to the URCW Office:

Travel Expense Report form:
This form is required by the Business Office and reflects what items are reimbursed and to whom. It won’t reflect guidelines and requirements specific to the Office of Undergraduate research and Creative Works so most forms should be accompanied by the URCW Per-Individual Worksheet that helps identify important information for URCW.

Regarding the Travel Expense Report form:

  • Faculty who receive pre-payment should submit one Travel Expense Report form with their name on it, along with all the receipts. If the receipts cover several individuals, please group the receipts by individual.
  • There should be separate Travel Expense Reports for each individual requesting reimbursement. The money is dispersed to the name on the Travel Expense Report form.
  • Tips on the Travel Expense Form refer only to those in which there was no other fee (e.g. porters). Tips tied to services you paid for should be included on the service receipt (e.g.  taxi’s)
  • Any repayment of advanced funds must be returned as a check made out to High Point University.


  • The value of each receipt must match a value included in the Travel Expense Report form.
  • If  items on the Travel Expense Report reflect summed totals you must submit the URCW Grant Per-Individual Worksheet that shows how the receipts/numbers are added together.
  • Receipts must be taped (not stapled) to 8 x 11 in. pages; they need to be scanner-ready so do not fold receipts or stack them. If several receipts were added together to get the total printed on the Travel Expense Report they should be taped to the same page and dated. Show that the receipts were summed. If the recipient’s cost was only part of a receipt, indicate that on the receipt.
  • Expenses that will not be reimbursed include:
    • Charges for in-room videos, mini-bar charges, telephone charges, damage, etc.
    • Airline extras such as early boarding fees and special seats
    • Hotel extras other than wifi
    • Excess baggage for short trips
    • Food and beverages
    • Tips over 20%
    • You will not be reimbursed without appropriate receipts
  • If traveling by car, in lieu of a receipt, please print route of travel map(s) from Google maps and add up the mileage indicated. Car travel will be reimbursed using current HPU reimbursement rates (currently $0.545 per mile) for those miles indicated by Google maps. We do not accept odometer readings for computing reimbursement for mileage. We do not reimburse gas unless driving a rental.

Per-Individual Worksheet to accompany the Travel Expense Form
Any grant that covers more than one individual must include the Per-Individual Worksheet to show costs per person since each person has a personal limit. The Business Office just needs to reconcile all receipts but the URCW Office needs to record reimbursement per individual.

Documentation of student participation:
Document student participation. Evidence of meeting participation can be a copy of any formal notification that the student presentation was accepted for presentation or a copy of the conference program listing the student’s work.

A brief digital follow-up report that summarizes the event.
Include a brief summary of the event. It does not need to be more than a paragraph. Photos are encouraged. The summary will be included in our monthly newsletter.

Please do not staple any part of the application.

All university policies regarding travel, expenditures, reimbursement, and behavior must be followed. Please be aware that the HPU Code of Conduct and Honor Code are in full effect during travel sponsored by the university. If students are found to be in violation of these codes, any URCW-approved funds can be revoked.

Click HERE for a printable version

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