Undergraduate Research and Creative Works

Student and Faculty Travel Grants

 Applications for travel to present, develop, or otherwise support undergraduate research

The High Point University Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Program is committed to encouraging and supporting high quality undergraduate research and creative projects. To that end, the University has made funds available to support student and faculty sponsor travel to present the results of your efforts.

Students and faculty sponsors are invited to apply for funds to:

  • travel to a conference where you will give an oral presentation or poster presentation on research or creative works.
  • attend a competition where you will perform or present creative works.

Application Guidelines

  • Please submit your application at least 3 weeks before travel. We will not accept requests after the conference. It is acceptable and advisable to submit an application while your abstract is still under review from the conference organizers.
  • The student’s abstract or competition entry should be accepted before receiving funds for travel.
  • Funding is not guaranteed. Plan accordingly.
  • Every student who applies for funding must have a faculty sponsor who can vouch for the quality and validity of the work, provide guidance in making a quality presentation, etc.
  • In regards to travel funds, students presenting or performing at a conference will be given priority over students solely attending the conference.
  • If a student is not presenting, then the student should demonstrate how his or her travel ultimately will contribute to his or her future presentation of completed research or creative work. For example, students could commit to developing an undergraduate research or creative works project that would be presented at the next High-PURCS showcase or other appropriate venue.
  • A brief follow-up report and photo(s) should be submitted to the URCW Program for publication on the university’s web site, magazine, etc within two weeks of the return date. All travel supported by URCW funds should ultimately help promote academics and undergraduate research and creativity on our campus.
  • Students traveling to the same event are expected to share housing and transportation where appropriate. Students who submit individual receipts for what should be shared costs will be reimbursed at the shared level.
  • Travel for faculty sponsors may be supported by these funds.
  • Students who are supported by a URCW grant are required to present their work at our on-campus forum.
  • If faculty and students are traveling together, the faculty member should submit one request to cover student and faculty travel.
  • An application will not be reviewed until students turn in the required Travel Release Form (Overnight Form or Day Form) and deliver it to:
    Dr. Joanne Altman, Director
    Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works
    Cottrell 226
    High Point University
    One University Parkway
    High Point, NC 27268

Budget Guidelines

  • Submitting an application does not guarantee you funding. If your travel plans are dependent upon receiving funding from URCW, do not purchase airplane tickets, register for a conference, or incur other project-related expenses until you receive notice of funding.
  • URCW travel funds are typically disbursed following submission of a completed travel report and receipts. To have URCW Grant Funds disbursed to you, you must submit an itemized Travel Expense Report Form and individual itemized receipts, for each expenditure, within two weeks of your return. The value on the receipts must match the numbers included in the travel expense form. If they do not, you will need to turn in a worksheet that shows how the numbers match up. You will also need to include the worksheet if your grant includes more than one individual. You may download a worksheet from our webpage.
  • Budget numbers on this application are considered estimates, but to be as accurate as you can, include tip and tax in estimates.
  • If traveling by car, please print route of travel map(s) from Google maps and add up the mileage indicated. Car travel will be reimbursed using current HPU reimbursement rates (currently $0.58 per mile as of January 2019) for those miles indicated by Google maps. These maps must be submitted with your receipts. We do not accept odometer readings for computing reimbursement for mileage.
  • Your lodging estimate should include the daily hotel rates plus all additional taxes and fees. Charges for in-room videos, mini-bar charges, telephone charges, damage, etc. are not covered by URCW travel funds. Room service charges will also not be covered.
  • The grants do not reimburse for food or beverages.
  • You will not be reimbursed without appropriate receipts.
  • You will not be reimbursed for tips over 20%.
  • Purchases of alcohol will NOT be reimbursed, in accordance with university policy. Tax and tip based on alcohol must be factored out of the receipt you turn in.
  • All university policies regarding travel, expenditures, reimbursement, and behavior must be followed. Please be aware that the HPU Code of Conduct and Honor Code are in full effect during travel sponsored by the university. If students are found to be in violation of these codes, any URCW-approved funds will be revoked.
  • Any repayment back to the URCW Office must be by check made out to High Point University.

Application Review and Award Amounts

Each application will be reviewed by a sub-committee from the Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Committee. The sub-committee will look at applicants who adhere to the application and budgetary guidelines as stated above. Please note that many factors are taken into consideration when funds are awarded. The following represent the maximum amount awarded for each area per individual per year!

Student Award Amounts:

  • $1000 – Student presentation or competition at a conference. The student must actively be participating in the undergraduate research program with an oral presentation, poster, panel, competition, performance, exhibition, etc.
  • $250 – Student observer at a conference. Student must clearly identify the purpose for attending and the learning objectives on how this attendance will facilitate the development of a future URCW project.

Faculty Award Amounts:

  • $1500 – Must be traveling with at least 1 student who is presenting. Any travel that extends beyond the student attending should be covered under professional development.

There is an upper limit on the amount an applicant can be awarded a year. Applications will continually be reviewed and awarded through out the academic year until funds for the academic year have been exhausted. Amounts are subject to change depending on funding amount for the academic year.

Application Forms:

FACULTY TRAVEL GRANT  (for faculty traveling with students)

STUDENT TRAVEL GRANT (only if NOT traveling with faculty)

GROUP TRAVEL GRANT (This form should be used when a group of faculty and students are attending together and there are shared costs (e.g. hotel rooms, car mileage). One lead faculty should complete this form to request support for all the students and faculty attending.


If you have questions about the application process or guidelines, please contact Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works (

Contact Us

Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works

Phone: 336-841-9613

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