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Student Journal Publishing Opportunities- POLITICS, INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, & LAW

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Journal NameDiscipline(s)Description
The Brown Journal of World AffairsInternational AffairsPublished by Brown University, semi-annually
Focus: contemporary international issues
Submissions should not exceed 5,000 words, see guidelines
Columbia University Journal of Politics and Society (JPS)Political ScienceFocus: various social sciences (as they relate to politics or society)
Published biannually (fall and spring) by the Helvidius Group
Submissions: scholarly research papers by undergraduates or graduates whose commencement falls after the previous edition – see FAQ for format/guideline citations
Contact: Use the contact form on the website
Michigan Journal of Political Science (MJPS)Political SciencePublished biannually (fall and winter) by the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Focus: politics, economics, public policy, political psychology, political philosophy
Submissions: research-based papers written by current undergraduates, or work of graduates completed during undergraduate years. See citation and formatting guidelines under “Guidelines”
Indigenous Law JournalLawblished by University of Toronto
Submissions: articles, notes, case comments, reviews pertaining to the laws of indigenous peoples and the law as it affects indigenous peoples by students, faculty, practitioners, judiciary members
The DialecticsPolitical ScienceContact:
Focus: multidisciplinary – leadership, politics, society
Submissions: must have a single thesis, identify significant societal and global issues (& solutions/recommendations) – 1,200-3,000 words, APA citations, written for the general public. email to
Deadline: rolling basis
Electronic Journal
Published by Abington College (under Pennsylvania State University)
The PoliticPolitical Science· Contact:
Focus: national and international politics
Critique: A Worldwide Student Journal of PoliticsPolitical ScienceElectronic Journal
Published by Illinois State University, bi-annually (Fall & Spring)
Focus: political/social change, new international/national political possibilities
Submissions: graduate and undergraduate students – paper submission form on main site
Contact:, Editor:
Texas International Law Journal (TILJ)LawFocus: public and private international law, international legal theory, law of international organizations, comparative and foreign law, domestic laws with significant international implications
Submissions: academic articles, essays, student notes; should include a curriculum vitae, cover letter, abstract – submit through ExpressO or by email; see submission guidelines
Deadline: rolling basis
Published in fall, winter, and spring
Journal of Medicine and LawLawPublished biannually by Michigan State University
Focus: medical-legal topics, health law
Submissions: submit through ExpressO or by email to , see formatting and citation guidelines
Deadline: rolling basis (Journal committee is not in session late-December through mid-January, nor mid-May through mid-August)
International Law Review (ILR)LawPublished three times a year
Submissions: articles (including the curriculum vitae); following citation guidelines of The BlueBook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th Ed.) — submit to
The Dartmouth Law Journal (DLJ)LawPublished quarterly
Submissions: law related questions and topics

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Athletic Training & ACL Injuries

Andrea Baellow, an athletic training major, shares her experiences performing undergraduate research on the relation of the hip to ACL injuries and their prevalence in younger females. Her experiential education at High Point University was supported by the state of the art Human Biomechanics & Physiology Lab, where she could apply what she has learned with hands-on experience.