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Preview of SuRI Application Questions

Undergraduate Summer Research Programs Application Questions: SuRI

Welcome to the application for summer research at High Point University.   HPU offers three summer research programs.  Summer Research Institute (SuRI) is open to students of all disciplines who have contracted with a faculty mentor during the summer research period. Please review the questions below and discuss them with your mentor. Once you have discussed how you will answer these questions you should access the online application.


HPU Student ID Number

HPU Email Address

Cell Phone Number (No dashes or spaces)

Permanent Home Mailing Address

Expected Graduation Date

What is your class status at the time of this application?

Are you in good standing with the school? (Defined as having a 2.0 GPA or higher, not on attendance or professional probation)

What is your cumulative GPA as of the most recent Fall semester? Please note: SuRF does have a cumulative GPA requirement of 3.0 (Can be found under MyStuff ⇒ Students ⇒ Program Evaluation ⇒ Combined GPA Earned)

Are you or were you in the Research Rookies Program?


Second Major (if applicable)

Minor or Concentration (if applicable)

Second Minor or Concentration (if applicable)

Have you participated in research or creative projects or research papers in the past in class or independently?

If you have conducted research in the past, please clarify the context under which you have conducted research. Were the projects assignments in class? Have you done an independent project and if so with whom did you work and did you receive course credit?

Do you expect to live on campus for the summer?  You will be able to move into summer housing the Monday after graduation and you must vacate housing July 31.

Who is the mentor you will work with during your Summer Research Institute (SuRI) experience?

Mentor’s HPU Email Address

You and your professor should have discussed your expectations and responsibilities for the summer research period. Please answer the following questions regarding your expectations:

What will be the start and end dates for your research period during the summer? Note, you cannot move into summer housing until the day after graduation and you must move out of summer housing the last day of July.

How many hours per week do you expect to spend on this research project?

Describe and explain the research question or the focus of your creative work:

Is there a title for this research project?

Please provide a brief summary of the method or process you will go through while working on this research:

Give a brief timeline of the steps you will take while working on this project during the summer period.

Describe your desired outcome and what you hope to accomplish with this research: (i.e. I want to present at a conference, I want to build my resumé for graduate school or a career, I want to master a skill, etc.)

How will these potential outcomes benefit you in your college or professional career?

Contact Us

Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works

Phone: 336-841-9613

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