Willed Body Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can donate to High Point University for anatomical research and education?

Under the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of North Carolina subject to general statutes

 §130A-412.6, and §130A-412.11

Any competent person 18 years or older or a legally authorized person that has the authority to donate the body of their loved one* can do so.

There is no upper age limit.

* N.C.G.S. § 130A-412.11 provides for the following classes of persons to donate a body for educational purposes in order of priority listed:

(1)  An agent of the decedent  to the extent authorized under a power of attorney for health care or other record who could have made such a donation during the deceased’s life;
(2) The spouse of the decedent;
(3) Adult children of the decedent;
(4) Parents of the decedent;
(5) Adult siblings of the decedent
(6) Adult grandchildren of the decedent;
(7) Grandparents of the decedent;
(8) An adult who exhibited special care and concern for the decedent;
(9) The persons who were acting as the guardians of the person of the decedent at the time of death; and
(10) any person having the authority to dispose of the decedent’s body.

What is the difference between whole-body donation and organ donation?

Whole-body donation is when a donor wills his or her entire or whole-body to a university, medical school, or other program. Organ donation is when a donor wills their organs for use in transplantation, medical, or clinical research.

Can I donate my body even if I am also an organ donor?

No. High Point University’s Willed Body Program is a whole-body donation program. Organ and tissue donation, other than the donation of eyes for corneal transplantation, will make a donor unsuitable for our program.

Are there any costs involved in the donation of one’s body?

No. High Point University’s Willed Body Program is committed to making the choice to donate stress free. We will cover the cost of the following:

  • Transportation (within 300 miles*) to our on-campus Care Center
  • Preparation for donation and cremation upon completion
  • The urn the cremated remains are placed into following cremation
  • Filing the death certificate and a burial transit permit
  • Interring the cremated remains in our Memorial Garden
  • Scattering remains in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Returning cremated remains by certified mail through the United States Postal Service

Should I include my choice to donate my body to High Point University in my will?

In many cases a will might not be read for several days or months following a donor’s death. This would cause the notification of the donor’s death to be delayed. Because of the nature of the donation, we ask that a donor be transferred into our care within 24 hours after death. It is more effective to share your wishes with your family, authorized representative, and even your clergy of your wish to donate.

What happens after I send in my document of gift?

Once all forms have been received, reviewed and accepted by the Willed Body Program, we will mail an acknowledgement of receipt along with three Donor Identification Cards. You should keep one Donor Identification Card for your own personal records in a purse or wallet and give the others to trusted individuals that will assist in carrying out your wish to donate to High Point University.

Will my family receive any compensation for my donation?

No. By law, willed body/anatomical donation programs are not permitted to give money or purchase a body for the use as a donation.

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