Women and Gender Studies
Women and Gender Studies
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Minor Requirements

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary minor (20 credits)

Requirements for the WGS Minor (20 credits)

  • WGS 1000: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
  • At least two courses at the 3000-level
  • At least one course at the 4000-level


List of Courses Counting Toward the WGS Minor

  • WGS 1000: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
  • ENG 2200: Critical Reading and Interpretation (depends on topic)
  • WGS/PHL 2016: Family Ethics
  • WGS/HST 2240 U.S. Women’s History
  • WGS/ENG 2220: Women’s Literary Tradition
  • WGS/SOC 2030: Sociology of the Family
  • WGS/SOC 2040: Race and Ethnicity
  • WGS/COM/SOC 2274: Women, Gender, and Culture
  • WGS 2881/3881: Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
  • WGS/HST 3242: War, Gender and the Military in U.S. History
  • WGS 3100 (SL): Feminist Theory and Praxis
  • WGS/REL 3007: Women in the Bible
  • WGS/SOC 3040: Social and Global Inequalities
  • WGS/ENG/GBS 3298: Women Writing Worldwide
  • WGS 3300: Gender Issues in Sport
  • WGS/PSC 3311: Women and Politics
  • WGS/COM/GBS 3374: Global Media Representations of Women
  • WGS/SPN/GBS 3280: Latin American Women Writers
  • WGS 4444: Independent Study in WGS
  • WGS 4881: Advanced Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
  • WGS/SOC 4015: Sociology of Work and Family
  • WGS/COM/SOC 4424: Gender Speak
  • WGS/EXS 4675: Body and Identity
  • WGS 4810-4815: Student Internship (Variable Credit)



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