Women's and Gender Studies

Johnathan Grimmel

Name: Johnathan Grimmel

Year: Junior

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Non-Profit, Women’s and Gender studies.

What originally sparked your interest in Gender studies? : The Women and Politics class I took really turned my interest to gender studies. And with 51% of the nation being female it would almost be a disservice to my political ambitions not to learn and understand gender issues.

How have these courses benefitted you academically and in your daily life? : They have given me a chance to see other points of views on many issues facing women today. And they have given me lessons and ideas that I have been able to use in my other classes.

How do you plan on using your minor in Women’s and Gender Studies? : To help me better understand gender issues in society today to then be able to someday make policy or properly inform officials about the eccentricities of gender issued policies.

What are you most passionate about involving Gender Studies? : Being able to see and reason things in life from a gendered perspective to try and bridge division among people on gender issues.

Which courses do you recommend taking? : Women and Politics, offers a great perspective into social norms that affect our political system as a whole.


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