Women's and Gender Studies

Katherine Love

Name: Katherine Love

Year: Junior

Major(s): Communications: Media and Pop Culture Studies

Minor(s): Women’s and Gender Studies and Anthropology

What originally sparked your interest in Gender studies? : My first anthropology class did a section on gender and that was my original interest in gender studies. This first class inspired me to take Women, Gender and Culture, which led to the minor in gender studies.

How have these courses benefitted you academically and in your daily life? :

I find myself using the knowledge from my gender courses in many of my other classes.  I have become more accepting and understanding of other people and cultures. Not only am I able to enhance my other courses, I am also able to analyze my own life and the world around me. From advertising to television, I am consciously  aware of how media is affecting me.

How do you plan on using your minor in Women’s and Gender Studies? :

In the future, I hope to work in advertising and changing the way women are portrayed in the media. I think that in our mediated world women are especially constructed by advertisements and television. It’s essential for young girls and women to be shown real role models and

What are you most passionate about involving Gender Studies? :

How media influences and defines the construction of feminine and masculine is what I am most passionate about in relation to gender studies.

Which courses do you recommend taking? :

Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Black, American Voices: Stories and Sounds

Media and Pop Culture Studies

Women in Politics


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