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Sam Kizer

What originally sparked your interest in Gender studies? : My first year seminar with Dr. Isaksen, Media Mash Up and Popular Culture Playground. We briefly discussed gender and within the media. Most of my research has been focused around homosexuality, in the media especially.

How have these courses benefitted you academically and in your daily life? :

They have provided theoretical knowledge to what I already subconsciously know about gender. Therefore giving me a launching pad for future research. I have been able to use this knowledge to better understand myself and the relationships I develop.

How do you plan on using your minor in Women’s and Gender Studies? :

The core sequence in this minor should give me the start of eventually a dissertation. I plan on getting a PHD in Gender Studies in the future.

What are you most passionate about involving Gender Studies? :

The construction of masculinity and homosexuality are my main passion related to gender.

Which courses do you recommend taking? :

Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Women, Gender, and Culture

Individual in Society


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