Women's and Gender Studies

Tiffany Francois

Name: Tiffany Francois
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology and Sociology
Minor: Women and Gender Studies

What originally sparked your interest in Gender studies?: Being exposed to a variety of (undercover) pro-feminist television, books and the things that the women in my life have taught me, sparked my interest in the equality of women and men. Academically, a friend in one of my sociology courses highly recommended Judy’s Women, gender and culture and told me that I had to take the class before I graduated because it was so good.

How have these courses benefited you academically and in your daily life? : These courses have given me a unique perspective on our society and the world at large. I am able to see more connections within my own personal research and studies through my coursework in other disciplines. I am a more understanding and well-rounded person and aim to be this way towards my family, friends and people that I do not even know.

How do you plan on using your minor in Women’s and Gender Studies? : I plan on using my minor to help me gain a more complex and interconnected understanding of Psychology and sociology, while (in the future) also implementing intervention/prevention programs focusing on issues related to gender.

What are you most passionate about involving Gender Studies? :I am most passionate about the societal suppression of women’s needs and desires sexually. Even though it has become more frequent and acceptable for women to know their bodies and be aware of their own pleasure, society still holds an obvious unparalleled standard of sexuality for women as they do for men.

Which courses do you recommend taking? : I recommend taking Sociology of Family; Women, Gender and Culture and Black American Voices (not technically  women and gender class but still good!)…basically any class that Judy teaches!


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