Women and Gender Studies

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What originally sparked your interest in Gender studies? :

In my first year, I took Dr. Isaksen’s Media and Pop Culture studies class. We discussed how the media portrays women and men, and how society constructs us to behave. I was fascinated by the course, and Dr. Isaksen encouraged me to take her Women, Gender, and Culture course. I did, and I have been hooked ever since.

How have these courses benefitted you academically and in your daily life? :

I am now more critical of societal messages. I don’t allow stereotypes to determine my judgments and interactions with others. I am more accepting of differences, and actually enjoy meeting people who do not conform to gender norms. I am also more critical of behavior which is offensive or damaging. I am not afraid to educate my peers, or point out when they are being sexist, racist, etc.

How do you plan on using your minor in Women’s and Gender Studies? :

I want to be a relationship counselor, and I feel that most relationship problems come from a lack of respect and communication. People put way to much stock in gender stereotypes, and use these as the basis for their personal interactions, which is problematic. If couples respect and love each other as people, not as their gender, then I guarantee that most relationship problems could be eliminated. I hope to educate my clients in the future. I will not just prescribe them an antidote for their current problems, but rather I will help them to gain a new perspective on relationships.

What are you most passionate about involving Gender Studies? :

I am passionate about creating a sense of equality between all genders. Not just equal legal rights, but a deeper respect for all people. Too often we judge people and treat them as inferior because of something trivial like gender or race, which have no bearing on who they are as people.

Which courses do you recommend taking? :

Women, Gender, and Culture is fabulous. You get into really deep topics, and are able to explore gender worldwide. Also, take Gender Speak. It gets real in Gender Speak.


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