Foundations for Academic Success

The Foundations for Academic Success course (ADV-1101) is a comprehensive academic and life skills course. The course is designed to support the overall development and success of the student through the application of techniques, skills, practices and ideas to the academic, personal, social and career aspects of a student’s life. Through academic support and the acquisition of skills and knowledge in learning styles and principles, critical reading, text marking, note taking, memory and exam strategies, the student is able to improve their academic success as well as learn to cross-use such skills in their everyday life. ADV-1101 presents the academic and life skills every entering freshman needs to start college and to be a successful student.


ADV-1101 in Summer Advantage: ADV-1101 is best accomplished with the most immediate effect by completing the course during the Summer Advantage program. By taking ADV-1101 in Summer Advantage, the freshman student is most prepared to “hit the ground learning” in the fall semester. Students overwhelmingly note that Summer Advantage was the very best thing they could have done upon entering college.

The ADV-1101 course further enhances the development of written/oral communication skills, academic/life planning, student lifestyle issues management and life-long learning. Equally important are acquiring life skills in time management, motivation, perception/attitudes, goal setting, career analysis and stress management that enhance the student’s transition to college life and their transition back into the world of work upon graduation.

The ADV-1101 course is a text/e-learning course that includes self-assessments, writing activities and experiential exercises that support the learning process. A significant e-learning component support via the BlackBoard learning system on the web is used. The course is available fall and spring semesters as well as in the Summer Advantage program.

For more information, please contact Ms. Britt Carl, Director of Learning Excellence, at and 336-841-9490.