SO close!

I am officially in the final home stretch to move-in day at High Point University! In a little over two months, High Point, North Carolina will be my new home…



A few weeks ago, HPU’s incoming freshman received their rooming assignments. It was so exciting to find out who I will be living with my first year away from home! I will be living in Blessing Residence Hall with Jennilyn, Ashlee, and Katie. (I got my first choice because I applied Early Decision—don’t make the same mistake some of my friends did by applying Regular Decision!)




Me (on the right) enjoying the summer with some of my friends

Me (on the right) enjoying the summer with some of my friends

This last summer at home almost seems bittersweet. Part of me can’t wait to be at High Point with new friends and faces, and the other part doesn’t want to leave home just yet. I think the first part will clearly win out, though. I am thankful to know that HPU is a place I will easily feel at home.

For now, I am busy getting ready for Summer Experience!  I leave on June 28th to stay at HPU for a month. I will take 3 college classes and earn 7 hours of college credit!


Because I am doing Summer Experience, I won’t have such a tough Freshman Year. I’ll be able to get the hang of a college schedule and work load before the full swing of the fall semester begins. I HIGHLY suggest that you consider attending Summer Experience before you attend HPU your freshman year, not only for the sake of gaining some greatly needed credit hours, but simply to experience college life and make some great friends!


Check back here soon because I’ll be keeping you informed about my Summer Experience experience! Happy Summer!


Dulce Winders