Dad’s Top Ten Tips for College Success

Greetings parents!  Many of you were in attendance for Early Registration this past weekend, where I read a list of tips I gave to my daughter when she left for college.  As promised, I’m sharing it with you here in The Wrenn Room.  I encourage you to share this list with your son or daughter, or better yet, create your own list of tips!

Dad’s Top Ten Twelve Things that will lead to your success in college:

1) Create a vision of what you want to accomplish in college and put it in writing. For example:

  • a. Dean’s List (know what your GPA must be to accomplish this goal)
  • b. Complete Batten Leadership Program
  • c. Internship with fashion designer (Vera Wang, Lilly Pulitzer, etc.)
  • d. Study Abroad in Italy or Paris

2) Create a plan for this semester and then this first year that will help you move towards fulfilling your vision.

  • a. Goals for class attendance
  • b. Goals for meeting with your advisor
  • c. Goals for getting to know your professors
  • d. Goals for getting tutoring help any time you need it
  • e. Goals for grades in each subject

3) Go to every class. The easiest way to succeed is to go to every class and show the professor that you really care and want to learn.

4) When you schedule your time to go to your classes, schedule as much time in each day to study. Read your class notes each day and study your text books.

5) Find a quiet place in the library or other area that you can be productive while you study so that you are using your time wisely.

6) Finish all of your work and studying for next Monday before you leave campus for any weekend.

7) Get to know your professors before you really need them.

8 ) Take care of yourself by eating well and healthily

9) Get 8-10 hours of sleep each night

10) Learn to say NO to things that keep you from successfully executing your college vision or plan for the semester.

11) Get involved in something outside the classroom that will help you grow and learn in some way but do not over commit yourself.

12) Stay grounded in your beliefs as these are what make you beautiful and will teach many others about believing in yourself and living a fruitful life.

You are in college first and foremost to prepare for your future. So make that your first priority and then enjoy your time and make lots of friends!