North Carolina Weather Lessons

So your dining room/spare bedroom/hallway is packed to the gills with everything for your dorm room-from bedding and towels to irons and trash cans.  Your mom is trying to get you to purge your closet before you move to HPU and your dad is asking pointed questions (at least to the girls) as to why a person needs nine decorative pillows on a single bed.  You’re counting down the days until move in (that would be fifteen) and trying to figure out if you can fit your entire stereo system, plus subwoofer into your dorm room.

Pretty soon you’re going to have to start packing your clothes and you’re not quite sure what you’ll need.  Perhaps you’re from Connecticut, where it gets cold-ish right after Labor Day.  That’s not quuuuite how things happen here, so allow me to help you out a bit.

North Carolina Weather Lessons:

1. You’ll hear that we have all four seasons in North Carolina. That’s true, but it’s more like buy 3, get the 4th free. Because that 4th one, winter, might only last for a month or so. The upside of this is that if it snows a teeny tiny bit, a lot of things close and school gets cancelled!

2. The average temperature for move-in day is 87 degrees. Add about 176% humidity and you’re left with frizzy hair and sweaty t-shirts. But don’t worry, everyone else will look like that too! Plus every building on campus is equipped with serious air conditioning systems.

3. You can wear flip flops until November (especially if you’re coming to us from up north or anywhere that lacks humidity).

4. That down parka with a fuzzy hood? You definitely won’t need that until at least Thanksgiving, or maybe Valentine’s Day.

5. A couple of our Admissions Counselors grew up in Maine and they tell me you can always tell the difference between a Northerner and Southerner by a person’s walking speed. Northerners, I’m told, walk very fast with their heads down, because it’s COLD and they’re trying to protect their necks and faces while moving from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. We Southerners however, we like to take things sloooooow. Most of the time it’s warm, so we enjoy the scenery, stop to chat with whoever we might happen upon as we meander our way from Point A to Point B.

6. If you’re from out west, you might be used to carrying a light jacket or sweater for when the sun goes down. That won’t be necessary here. The humidity in the air is like a warm blanket from the moment you step outside, no matter what time of day!


SUMMER QUIZ: Exercise your mind!



















What do the hat and sled in this picture have in common?

In the South, we call them both “toboggans.”  This picture also illustrates what it might look like outside should you try to sled. So while you probably won’t have much need for either the hat or the sled, the Southern name for a knit ski hat is sure to cause some good banter.

I hope these tips will help you prepare for your move to North Carolina.  We’re looking forward to having you!