It’s That Time of Year


October is upon us; how the time flies!  I’m sure many of you are having similar thoughts-is my child really old enough to go to college and are they ready?  The answers are yes and maybe, which begs the question: what should you be doing now to prepare your son or daughter for college?

Say “Hi” to Admissions Counselors at College Fairs: Most high schools or school districts hold college fairs during the fall so you and your child can gather information from a variety of colleges and universities.  High Point University Admissions Counselors have hit the road, making hundreds of stops throughout the country to meet your son or daughter.  Send your child to Admission Counselor Hope Blaylock’s blog for some helpful tips about college fair manners.

Visit, Visit, Visit! As much as you are able, make visiting each campus your child is interested in a top priority.  At High Point University, we give personalized tours Monday through Saturday (on golf carts, no less) and you can sign up for one here.  When you follow the link, you can even sign your child up to sit in on a class to experience our extraordinary academics firsthand.

Apply: High Point University’s Application for Admission is completely online, easy to use and waiting for your son or daughter.  The Early Decision deadline is November 2nd and the Early Action deadline is November 9th, so now is the time to help your child put concentrated effort into his or her application.

The Essay is important: HPU’s application, like many others, requires your son or daughter to write a personal statement.  You can help by encouraging them to carefully proof the finished draft.   The personal statement is one of the best places for your student to show the Admissions team who they are and what they will add to High Point University.  Unfortunately, the skills and personality a student brings can easily be overshadowed by grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes.  Help your student shine by telling them to carefully proof his or her personal statement.  It may be helpful to get the advice of an English teacher at school. Your student should write the personal statement using his or her own words, but another set of trained eyes to proof it is often helpful.

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage! The senior year of high school is a busy one, riddled with hard work and many required hours of focus and concentration.  Make sure you take time each day to encourage your son or daughter for making it this far and for continuing to work hard!

As always, should you have any questions, please contact our office and our extraordinary team of Admissions Counselors will be happy to help you!