Better than Ever…

This is a very exciting time on the campus of High Point University. We are preparing with great expectation the arrival of the largest and most academically talented class in our school’s history. Since I arrived at HPU in the spring of 2005, I have seen and been a part of some incredibly positive changes that have propelled this university to national recognition such as:

· Freshman class size growing from 412 in 2005 to over 1200 this fall of 2010

· Students now come from 46 states and 50 countries around the world with 75% of our students coming from outside North Carolina

· Average SAT scores increasing by 100 points on average for entering freshmen

· The number of freshmen academic scholars has tripled from just over 100 in 2005 to 380 this fall

· 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art new academic, athletic and student life buildings and stadiums have been added

· Club Sports have grown from none in 2005 to 18 this fall, including: field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, an equestrian team and many more

· The campus has more than doubled in size from 92 acres to over 220 acres today

· The number of students living on campus has increased from 900 in 2005 to over 3100 this fall

· Our faculty has doubled from 100 to 200 with HPU hiring stellar faculty from across the country while most schools are cutting back

This past year has been a very rewarding one even though the economy was still a major concern for most families in America and around the world. Our campus visitors and applications both increased by 30% over a record year in 2008-09. High Point University made the decision to continue investing heavily in the student experience and quality of academics instead of cutting back. Families are clearly seeing the great value HPU offers, which has made a huge impact on the interest in High Point and our number of applications. With this being the case, we’ve found our freshman goals very achievable.

Next year’s freshman class will enter in 2011 and will be the last stage in growing our class size. We will cap our growth around 1400 freshman which will provide nearly a 5000 student body. We believe this to be the perfect size school; one that offers big school facilities and student life opportunities in a small, caring environment with accessible professors and a community atmosphere.

My daughter, Mary Cullen, who just completed her freshman year, tells me she loves it here and often shares how easy it is to speak with and get help from her professors. I am very proud that she made the Dean’s list, joined a sorority, played club volleyball, and became involved in College Life. She brought an HPU student from Spain home for Easter and is going to Florida in a few weeks to visit with another HPU rising sophomore she made friends with this year. A great first year in my eyes!

I am looking forward to giving you a parent’s and Vice President’s perspective on the incredible things happening at HPU. Stay tuned as there are many more exciting things about to be announced that will continue to enhance HPU’s brand nationally and make this university one of the best in America.

Andy Bills

Vice President of Enrollment