Greetings future HPU students! My name is Candace Walker and I welcome you to my blog – Getme2thepoint. I’m fortunate to be an Admissions Counselor here at High Point University, in the gorgeous Sothern oasis that is North Carolina. I travel throughout the country to find YOU – the multi-talented, motivated, intelligent, fabulous future students of High Point University. When I’m not visiting your high schools or meeting you at college fairs, I’m doing everything I can to answer your questions about HPU and to help make your transition to college life as fun and exciting as possible! I do all sorts of things: from meeting with you and your family when you come to tour our incredible campus, to answering questions on Facebook and writing this blog. I also spend a good bit of time creating design ideas for the extraordinary information we send you. No two days are the same and my job is an absolute blast!

So who is this Candace girl and what does she know about High Point anyway?

Well, I experienced life as an HPU student when we were transitioning into the WOW! movement. Some things have changed since I graduated in December 2008, but the school is the same at heart, full of the same faces, and ever improving. Before I walked across the stage on graduation day, I knew that I just wouldn’t be able to leave High Point. Sounds cliché, I guess… UNTIL YOU VISIT. So, last year I set up camp in the admissions office here at HPU and spent a year working with students from New England. Along the way, I picked up all kinds of facts and figures about High Point and became really comfortable with helping people learn more about the school. Instead of only working with New England students this year, I get to work with all of you through this blog, our Facebook pages, and our publications. Don’t get me wrong, I love those New England kids, but it will be great to also work with those of you who can appreciate a niiiice glass of sweet tea…and it’ll be good to put my HPU communication and marketing degree to full use!

Let’s get to the Point…

I hope you’ll find my blog helpful as you navigate the end of high school and transition to college. It can be an overwhelming time, but with a little help along the way, you’ll find that it’s really fun too! It wasn’t long ago that I was in your shoes, and with an 18 year old brother, I’ve had an even more recent connection with the application process. I want your college search experience to be exciting and enjoyable as you prepare for a great future! So in the midst of all your hard work, activities and application essays, don’t forget to check in so I can help get you to the Point!