It’s already time for next year?

So it’s really here…

I cannot believe there are 1210 new students at High Point this year! Just a couple of years ago, I graduated with fewer than 400 in my class! After a year of hard work from both ends, High Point brought in its biggest and best class so far.

It’s been a busy summer. High Point has seen over 1500 high school students visit just since the end of the spring semester! Our incoming students have been busy buying dorm supplies and meeting new friends through our Facebook group.


And everything culminated this past Saturday, August 21.

Move-in 2010!

Move-in day unveiled a flood of activity on campus and 500 volunteers in tie-dye shirts and HPU polos, all eager to help make the transition to HPU smoother. Current students, staff, and faculty members met students throughout the day and our admissions counselors all had funny (read: ridiculously goofy) welcome messages through a campus radio station for our students as they entered their new home. My freshman Facebook friends are telling me that the first week has been nothing shy of “extraordinary.” Their dorms look great and they’re having a blast with their roommates and new friends.

Now that the school year’s here, we in admissions turn our attention to next year’s class. Already over 1,000 new applications have been started and our Open House on September 18 is quickly filling up. If you’re interested in coming to High Point next year, definitely start that application!

I’ll be posting deadlines for you to work towards and coaching you through the application process with my tricks of the trade in coming blog posts. For now, be sure you’re starting senior year strong and looking into planning a campus visit or joining us for a campus event! I can’t wait to work with you!