Introducing Nick

What’s up, I’m Nick!


Might as well start from the beginning. Born and raised since 1994. The thrills and chills run through me! I lived in Michigan from age 0 to age 6. Now let’s make no mistake, Michigan is my home, but the South changed me after moving to NC in 2000. It took me a while to get used to it, but I think I’ve thawed out completely. I’m drinking sweet tea, enjoying that wonder people call “Chick Fil A,” rooting for The Hurricanes, and believing in the Panthers no matter what. Unfortunately, they made me choose as soon as I got here between NCSU, UNC, and Duke. I still prefer University of Michigan to Ohio State any day. Although I’m an underground Lions and Pistons fan, NC showed me what it REALLY means to be a fan of your team.


When I moved down here, I skipped a grade. Don’t ask me how or why. I don’t even know that. All I know is that I skipped first grade, and as a result, I got my license the year after everyone else. I don’t turn 18 until next February 5th. I’ve been extremely into acting since 5th grade and every year since I’ve taken some sort of acting class at school. In high school I was in my school’s productions of The Odyssey and Tartuffe. Being able to make people laugh is addicting to me, so when it comes to making an audience of hundreds of people laugh, it’s the best feeling in the world. I did track in high school and a little bit of basketball freshman year. Hopefully I can do both at HPU! My dream is to write sketches for SNL someday… and if I do, everyone who has attended HPU gets free tickets.


So I’m Blindian – Black & Indian. My dad’s mom is the Indian one. That’s been such a heavy influence on my life. Speaking of, my dad’s making some curry right now. My mom’s dad was a mix of Black and Irish, so diversity has shaped my life entirely. Cameron is my little 13-year-old brother. People swear we look just alike, but we don’t see it. I would introduce my 15-year-old sister Adriana, but I don’t know if she’d want me to do that. Cameron and I are addicted to Zombies on Black Ops and Crysis 2. When we’re not running, we’re living on our Xbox 360. He’s much better than me. Not to say I’m bad, but he’s just really good.

High Point University

High Point University completely redefined my life. I once called Michigan home, and now that name belongs to High Point. My school was Enloe, and now I’m enrolled at HPU. My family has expanded to incorporate the HPU student body. That’s my home, school, and family now.

I’m going to be majoring in International Business here. That wasn’t an option at Wake Forest, UNC-C, ECU, or any of the other infinite number of schools I applied to.

If you see me around UC (that’s where I’ll be rooming) come say hi! I’m approachable I promise.


Well, that’s a little bit about me. If you want to know more, you can find me on Facebook or around campus. I’m gonna be super involved. Curry’s done… time to go be Blindian downstairs.