Introducing Briayna

Hear Ye, Hear Ye High Point University Students…My name is Briayna. 🙂

Here are some hints on how to save yourself from getting a blank stare:

1. If you’re thinking “Bri-ay-nuh” … you’re wrong.

2. If you’re thinking “Bri-anna” …. that’s not it.

3. If you’re thinking “Briayn-uh” … you guessed it! That’s not right either

Three stikes and youuuuuuu’re out!

But if you would like to get my attention, you could try saying “Bri-on-uh” or just plain old “Bri” and you probably will get an answer!


Yes yes. I’m a Marylander. I’m part of that 20-something percent  of High Point. I’m from a little town called Annapolis, Maryland. You may have heard of it

because it’s not exactly small and it’s kind of the capital of Maryland. I’ve lived in Georgia and Florida…so I’m not foreign to the South! But I am foreign to foreign countries, since I’ve never been out of the country! Oh! And I have an older brother…but he’s not important but if for some strange reason you REALLY want to know something about him just find me.

I’m a “youngin”…don’t turn 18 until September 1st, which makes me a Virgo. And unlike some people, I completely fit my astrological sign description: I adapt to different people and situations, deflect attention away from myself, I’m a perfectionist and pretty organized.

I have a crackberry…whoops I mean blackberry, and it’s my 5th appendage. I’m a busy girl, so I use every possible thing on there to keep myself on track and organized!

I live to work. Two jobs at all times. (I guess college life will change that.) But that’s only because I have a slight obsession with making money…

As far as HPU-related information:

High Point University is my happy place. If you’ve never seen any of my statuses or daily tweets, or anything I post that has to do with High Point, I KNOW how many days are left. I’ve been counting down the days since January. College will be my happy place, and I can’t wait to get there! I even had people at my high school excited about my countdown…it was contagious.

I’m majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Management so I can take over the world (yes, that is indeed my plan!). Okay…maybe not take over the world. But I do plan to work for the government and travel the world. I speak English, Spanish and some Arabic. I’m taking Arabic this year. I’m living in Belk Hall with my roommate Emma and my suitemates Lauren, Lydia, Alexa, Emily, Casey and Megan!

Anything else…just call me, beep me if you wanna reach me. 🙂

I think I’ll end this post with this kind of cheesy quote that I got in a Hallmark card:

“If your mind can conceive it, and your heart can believe it, then you can achieve it.”