It’s Finally AUGUST.

26 Days

7 Hours

0 Minutes

20 Seconds

214 Milliseconds



You don’t need to be an Einstein to see that High Point University is the absolute best place to be in the world right now. All of the investing that has gone into the school should be a testament to us all on how much expected from each and every individual. It is that kind of faith that makes me want to do such great things, especially at such an exciting time in HPU’s history. That said, I know that with all this exceptional, extraordinary stuff comes a lot of preparation.

So, how have I been preparing this entire summer?


Here’s my top 10: 

10. Dubstep

9. Watching reruns of Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean

8. Waiting for The Cab to release their new album Symphony Soldiers (out Aug. 23)

7. Listening to Bad by The Cab

6. Getting my daily foot long Italian BMT at Subway on Italian Herbs and Cheeses, with cheddar cheese, toasted, lettuce, green peppers, banana peppers, jalepenos, onions, vinegar, and southwest sauce.

5. Raves


3. Universal Studios 

2. Chappelle’s Show

1. Eminem


Yes, I’m preparing for HPU by a miraculous blend of Dubstep, Eminem, The Cab, and TV re-runs.

What exactly am I planning for when I get here you may ask?

– THEATRE 1500


– SPANISH 2130 (Shout out to everyone I met on the FB page with this class)

– MATH 1310

– ENGLISH 1103


I got everything I wanted at the July Early Registration. My earliest class is at 9:15. Sure beats waking up at 5:30 for high school.

HPU has the most down to earth student body. I am excited to learn how to surf, how to DJ, even how to shuffle. That’s what makes HPU the best of the best. It’s not only about what I learn in the classroom, but thatI have an opportunity to learn from my peers.

I have not started “School Shopping.” You’ll need to refer to Caroline’s last post because I can’t offer you any advice there.

Otherwise, I’ll leave you with this riddle:

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? Think about it and I’ll tell you next time.