We’re HERE!

Hi! *waves*

If you didn’t already know, this past weekend was the beginning of week-long move-in shenanigans! Saturday was the actual move-in day, but you can’t just end it there! All on that ONE day you: unpack your stuff, set up your room, have lunch with friends (if you’ve told your parents to shoo), eat some more at dinner, meet and talk with your mentor, go to a soccer game and fireworks show, AAAND a luau! And just in case you got bored… Have no fear, there are things for you to do Sunday!

So after having a good night’s sleep (hopefully your roommate doesn’t keep you up all night with their snoring), you wake up to hear this amazing man Dr. Nido Qubein speak at Convocation. Maybe you’ve heard of him? I sure hope so, but if not – you will! There’s the PlayFair later in the afternoon full of ice breakers, games, and all kinds of situations to get you to meet people. Maybe he’ll even be your partner!

That night, you get to dress up in pretty clothes and put your John Hancock on the HPU Honor Code. And because you’re now an extraordinary student, you can go play bingo! (Where you could win a camera, bike, iPad2, and other cool stuff!) None of my roommates nor I won though. 🙁


Just when you thought all we did was have fun…

At some point between 8:30 and 11:00 this lovely Monday morning (who knows, I was still half asleep!) you are able to meet with your advisor, who you hopefully met at Early Registration. I didn’t need to go see mine, but I’m sure if I did we would’ve gone over my schedule and switched my 10:30 AM class to a 8:00 one. SIKE! (I’m looking forward to sleeping in!) Then, later in the afternoon there was the Peer Mentor transitions meeting and that was great.

After all the academic talk, there was the Activities Fair. There were tables from Greek Sororities and Fraternities, local businesses that just LOVE High Point students, club and intramural sports, the HPU Dance Team, and different groups that have their own connection to sports without actually playing…like the Panther Den!

After signing up for some campus activities, my suitemates and I had an amazing dinner at The Point and made it back to our dorm to have a floor-wide meeting with our resident advisor. She laid out all the rules and regulations that are to be followed. Most of which are common sense. (I hope.)


Well it’s movie time now with the suitemates…and I want to try to get my 10 hours of sleep tonight before my first class, so see ya later!