Oh the Laundry Room.

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the start of your school year as much as I have. As a freshman, I feel like I have already been faced with numerous questions: Why can I never remember that the automatic doors in Slane stop working at 5? Where is the ice cream truck? Where did those clothes come from?

Ahh. The first encounter with the laundry room in a college dorm. Well this particular question arose when my roommate and I were retrieving our towels from the dryer. This brings me to Freshman Survival Tip #1:


Wash your towels before you use them. Or else every time you get out of the shower, you will have purple fuzz all over your body…that sometimes inconveniently takes the likeness of a beard on your face. It’s hard to make friends when you have a purple beard.


So Kenzie, my roommate, starts grabbing the towels out of the top dryer when an…unidentified…article…of clothing *cough* fluttered to the ground. (Are you reading between the lines here?) We exchanged a look for about 10 years. “Whose is that?!” I ask her with our roommate ESP. It’s clearly neither of ours.

Freshman Survival Tip #2:

If you use the top dryer, double check to make sure you got everything out. It’s really easy to leave behind something tiny like a sock or, well, in this particular situation, your undies. The people using the dryer after you really don’t want to find that…


Other than that, I’ve been enjoying most of my classes. Here are some of the Caroline Weller strategies to make the most of your college courses:

  • Sit in the front so you’ll pay attention. “Awwhh but what about the ones I don’t really like?” Especially the ones you don’t really like! It’s better to learn it now than cram it in at exam time.
  • I don’t know what it is about college, but I have felt the urge to take a nap every single day here. Be careful of this conundrum. I’ve already had two friends miss classes because they were just zonked out in the afternoon. Even if you tell yourself you’re going to lay down for just five minutes before you leave, set an alarm. You don’t want to use all of your absences at the beginning of the year!
  • Get organized! Keeping a calendar is one of the smartest things you can do. I’ve heard stories of professors mentioning a paper once and then not saying anything until the day before it’s due. Yikes! Be responsible for getting all of your work done without someone having to remind you.


Well I wish you luck with the start of your year. Remember, it’s all what you make it. If you’re feeling out of place or like you don’t have enough friends, go do something about it! Sit with someone new in the Café, sign up for a new activity, or knock on your neighbor’s door and invite them to a movie.

So I’ll catch up with you again in a few weeks! Just remember – watch out for those top dryers.




Oh PS: Photo credit goes to the great Mackenzie Allred.

Even better PS: High Point has free laundry!!