Wait. I enjoy going to class?


So it’s official, HPU can’t get any better. College is totally awesome, and the best part is, classes aren’t ruining it. True, it’s sort of a pain to wake up for my 9:15 calculus class, but in a strange way I look forward to classes. Students here are so chill and friendly it’s contagious. For some reason I feel the obligation to hold the door open for the person/people behind me. Perhaps it’s something in the sweet tea. I don’t know. What I do know is that I absolutely enjoy going to all my classes. My teachers are pretty down to earth too!

So, a little advice…


My Spanish Professor Adam Winkle is the bomb dot com. He cares about the Spanish culture, and more importantly, our class. Props to Adam for making such a high level class enjoyable for everyone.

My Calc teacher Professor Glass has to bear with a class at 9:15 A.M. filled with students who are too tired to learn anything. I imagine she’s more tired than we are. She has to prepare work, respond to all sorts of emails, probably has another commitment earlier that day. I’m just appreciative of her positive energy throughout the class.

Jay is the coolest acting professor ever. I love that he’s a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of guy. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, and with that he expects a lot from our class. That class has bonded in ways that I have never experienced before. I can not wait to learn all that I can from him.

My English teacher is really chill. With Scalf, we always start off with a meaningful game. They’re pretty silly games, but in the end they reflect a worthwhile aspect of collaboration, teamwork, and revelatory thinking.

Finally, I have to recognize Dr. Qubein, speaker President’s Seminar. I love hearing him speak. Apart from having a nice voice, he has a wealth of knowledge and life experiences at his fingertips to share with everyone. I could go on and on about how he’s awesome, but I’m pretty sure everyone everybody knows why he’s the big man around campus. (PS. Definitely love how he rides around campus at 5 in the morning pretending to be a bad guy.)


Extraordinary academics? Check yes. My teachers are all amazing. I don’t feel overwhelmed with work, so I can go to Slane and exercise. I can do panther pictures and debate club, all while getting an extraordinary education. I can rave on Friday and come back to school Saturday and complete all my work. It’s just time management.

On a completely unrelated note, I encourage everyone to check out The Cab’s Symphony Soldier CD. That’s what I listen to when I do my work. It’ll make you smarter guaranteed.

Quasihemdemisemiquaver– 128th note.