Bamboo Apparel

Extraordinary- there’s that word again. Let me educate you a little bit about an extraordinary individual working to achieve extraordinary things on and off the campus.

My buddy Seth is a fellow HPU student and has LAUNCHED HIS OWN COMPANY. This is called Bamboo Apparel and I’m really excited about it.

Bamboo Apparel, in a nutshell, is a clothing company devoted to changing the lives of those who are unable to afford adequate clothing. The company sells tee shirts, made from bamboo, and matches each purchase with a donation. Donation? Yes, but not your typical donation. Bamboo Apparel vows to match the number of tee shirts sold and send that amount to the “country of tomorrow.” This year, the company is sending its tee shirts to Uganda. In simpler terms, if you buy one shirt from Bamboo Apparel, Bamboo Apparel sends one to Uganda. If you buy ten shirts, Bamboo Apparel sends ten shirts to Uganda.

Thousands of people go shopping for clothes each and every day. Therefore, tee shirts are being sold at various retail stores and the profit is being put back into the company in order to make more tee shirts- basic economics. But what if you went shopping and your profit actually benefitted someone who had little to no clothing at all? You buy a shirt made from bamboo and someone in need will get to wear that exact same shirt for no extra cost. It actually makes no sense not to buy a shirt from Bamboo Apparel

Why are these shirts made from bamboo? Well, in order to successfully grow a cotton crop, many dangerous pesticides and chemicals must be sprayed. Did you know that for the 2.5% of cultivated land used to harvest cotton, farmers used 25% of the worlds’ pesticides? Studies show that three million people are poisoned each year by these pesticides and twenty thousand of those infected actually die. On top of all of that, twenty five million other people are mildly infected by these pesticides. As if this pesticide business wasn’t enough, twenty thousand liters of water are needed to produce one kilogram of cotton. For all of you none-fashion/math people out there, one kilogram of cotton would successfully aid in the creation of… wait for it…. one whole tee shirt and one whole pair of jeans. Incredible. Not to mention, bamboo itself is the fastest growing plant on the planet.

“Our hands can change our tomorrow.” Seth Gold and the rest of the Bamboo Apparel team are working hard to ensure that come next summer, thousands of people will have shirts to wear on their backs. It’s an incredible cause for a very cool looking tee shirt, so please visit and order your shirt today.

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I have been working closely with Seth to help publicize all events in which Bamboo Apparel will be in attendance. Festivals, conventions, TV interviews and magazine articles are just some of the many things I have publicize for Bamboo Apparel. As an aspiring Publicist, it never hurts to get hands on experience. Not to mention, I am making great friends in the process. Seth is an incredible guy with incredible aspirations and I am devoted to doing anything and everything possible to make his dreams become a reality.