One Happy Camper…

They say college changes people.  It’s true, really.  I can attest to it:

1.  I have become a night owl. My friends will be the first to tell you that I was always the first one out at sleepovers, but now I can’t even tell you the last time I went to bed in a PM hour.  Shh, don’t tell my mom and dad!

2.  I now eat condiments.  Well, one condiment. The chipotle mayo at the Great Day Bakery (also at the Grill) is possibly the most incredible thing to happen to my sandwiches ever.  Normally, I’m a picky eater and like everything plain, but look out world! I’m tackling honey mustard next.

3. I am… smiley?  I can’t tell you how often people would come up to me in high school and say, “Are you mad?” or “Hey, what’s wrong?”  Nothing was wrong… I guess I just make an unhappy looking face when I’m zoning out.  However, the other day I was walking to the parking lot when my friend Rachel says to me, “I love how you walk around smiling all the time. It’s so adorable!”  Say whaaaat?  I guess it’s just easy to smile when you get to spend every day at a place you love to be.  High Point is amazing. They didn’t even tell me to say this. I just can’t help but gush- I love it here!


Part of the reason why I’m smiling is the experience I’m getting out of college classes.  There are so many different types and styles of classes, and I get to choose which ones I want to be in.  Nobody is forcing me to take anything I don’t want to.

I’ve really grown to love my discussion-based classes.  My first year seminar is called Love & Hate in Cyberspace.  I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into when I signed up, but it turns out the course is about the effects of technology on romantic relationships. Do you know what that means? That means that I have already made E-harmony and profiles in class.  Really, how cool is that?

Italian is probably my favorite class. For one thing, I’m really excited to learn the language. I’d like to go to Italy with the study abroad program and be able to speak fluently there.  Something unique about the class at HPU is it’s small size.  There are probably just around 20 kids, and we all tend to get sidetracked in class talking and joking with one another- even the professor! Somehow even with all of the banter, I’ve managed to learn so much already.


Ciao! Mi chiamo Caroline Weller. Ho un gatto e un panino.

Hello. My name is Caroline. I have a cat and a sandwich.

Basically, you could drop me off in Italy right now and I’d be fine. Well, maybe not yet. But I have faith that the education at High Point University will absolutely live up to its extraordinary standards.

In other news, I met B.o.B. (along with the other bloggers). I can successfully say I was the only person there to have gotten a picture of him with his, well, my “mustache.” I’m rather fond of how the picture turned out.

That’s it for now. I’ll be sure to write back soon. Let’s say five weeks? See you then.