High Point University > High School

October 2010:

  1. I was stressing over the SAT
  2. I never heard of High Point
  3. I had hardcore senioritis
  4. There were literally 1,000,000 people in my classes
  5. I had to wake up at 6:00 A.M. to get to school
  6. I was ready to get out of school
  7. I had 8 classes a day
  8. My school had not been visited by a musical celebrity

October 2011:

  1. I haven’t thought about the SAT
  2. High Point University is my life
  3. I work hard, but still have time to do the things I want
  4. I’ve got about 20 students in my class
  5. I’m waking up at 8:45 A.M.
  6. I don’t want to leave my school. Ever.
  7. My ‘busy’ days are when I have 3 classes
  8. I’ve already met B.o.B


Needless to say, HPU has dramatically improved my life. Not to say that it was bad before, but the environment here is so energetic! We are so excited about everything here.

It’s because even when the economy is barely functioning, High Point University is flourishing! Success comes from beliefs: a point that Nido drives home in his Presidential Seminar class.

From getting your picture next to an inspiring figure, climbing the Dream Big Chairs, or receiving a dollar from Nido, which he urges us to save, there are reminders everywhere that you can inspire. High Point University teaches students how to inspire. Since these students know how to inspire, we all learn so much more than just knowledge. We learn to communicate and learn how and why not just what.


And for those incoming freshmen: If you think transitioning to college is hard, let me just tell you that it’s not the case here at all. Even though I consider myself outgoing, I was still worried about meeting people. Now I’m friends with amazing singers, people who share my interest for dubstep, people who will go on runs with me, people who love cars more than I do… the list goes on.

I learned to budget my time, and honestly I do not miss home as much as I thought I would. I do give mom and dad the occasional phone call, but I’m just loving it here. Like Dr. Qubein says, “Complaining is for losers.”