No HalloWEENIEs here…



Did I scare you?

If I didn’t, I hope something from this past Halloweekend scared you! I’ve seen a lot of great, creative, and … interesting costumes this past weekend. Many HPU students roamed campus in multiple costumes, while others roamed Spooky Woods! Lucky them, I took too long to sign up at Concierge to go! 🙁

Spooky Woods is North Carolina’s Largest Haunted Attraction and one of America’s “Scariest Haunted Attractions.” It’s so scary that some of my friends were speechless, and some even decided not to go in once they got there!

And if that wasn’t enough, there was Halloweenfest here on campus, complete with activities and contests on the Promenade as well as the Finch Haunted House! Does your school or community care enough to get in the Halloween spirit like High Point University?


There was also a giant screen towards the middle of the Promenade (you couldn’t miss it!) playing one of my favorite movies!



What was I doing while I caught the end of the movie? Standing with my friends as they ate yummy FRIED OREOS, Popcorn, hot corn on the cob, and drank hot cider!







I wish I had more for ya, but I went to 1924 PRIME tonight 🙂 , so I’m sure I missed other extraordinary events!

Until next time, Use your life to serve the world (Oprah).