Crunch Time

I’ve finally found it. The holy grail of study locations. After many trials and much deliberation, I have discovered that my productivity is optimized when I park myself at a table on the third floor of Smith Library.


Now, in high school, I could pretty much work wherever I wanted and get by just fine. I guess things change when you live where you go to school.


I currently live in McEwen, and I absolutely love it. The room is a great size, but we don’t have chairs or couches to sit on. I usually end up just chilling on my bed, and I’ve learned that it’s impossible to get homework done on the place where you sleep.  I’ll start writing my paper, and I look over to see the gloriously beautiful pillow that cradles my head every night. “Just a five minute nap,” I tell myself. Five hours later, I wake up and remember I was supposed to have done my paper. Oops.


An epiphany came to me the other day when I realized that there is a chair tucked under my desk. And if I pull the chair out and sit in it, I don’t fall asleep like on my bed. The issue here is that my desk is usually really messy, and I don’t want to reorganize all of my stuff to do my homework.


So I’ve wandered away from studying in my room to explore the gorgeous campus that is High Point University.  And let me tell you, there are so many great hot-spots for studying.


Perhaps the most regal of locations is the University Center’s Third Floor Learning Commons. I feel like I’m in a palace when I’m in there. There are couches for when I’m feeling lackadaisical, individual desks for when I’m practicing to be an executive of a company, and massive tables in a separate room for study parties with my friends.  It’s the real deal.


I also love studying in the Slane student center when I only have a little work to do and I’m looking to be distracted. It’s impossible to be in there for an hour without seeing five people I know. And Starbucks being right next to me is a definite plus.


But even with these two extraordinary study locations, I find that I am most productive in the confines of the Smith Library. Third floor is dead silent all of the time. When I walk up there, I know people are getting down to business on their work. Therefore, I feel like I look really ignorant if they walk by and I’m cruising around on Facebook. It keeps me off of social networking and focused on my assignments at hand.


Also, the librarians are very helpful! I’m in the midst of working on a research paper, and when I stopped to ask a librarian for some guidance in finding sources, she sat down with me at a computer, found several books I could use on the database, and walked me to where they were located.


One of my favorite parts of studying in Smith is the Powell Room, which is a small space on the second floor that has a FREE coffee machine (and hot chocolate for those of you non-java drinkers).  Needless to say, I take advantage of the unlimited caffeine.


To my readers, good luck to you all as you continue on with your school year, and if you find yourselves in need of a place to study, come hang out with me in the library.  But brush up on your miming skills because it’s silent up here.