Is it really the end of first semester?

December 2011

As I sit here typing this blog, there are tasks on my agenda going undone. “Small” tasks such as practicing my presentation for the oral part of my Arabic final (due Tuesday…I’ve got time!), or working on the 2,000 word section of my final portfolio for English (due Wednesday night…even more time!), or studying for my math final that’s this Friday (SO.MUCH.TIME!). But hey, who isn’t letting these daunting tasks affect her?

THIS GIRL! Why? Because my awesome roommate and I have Christmas music playing in our room almost constantly! Disney Holiday or Michael Buble Holiday station on Pandora anyone?

While this semester’s classes have been nothing short of extraordinary, I’m ready for next semester’s new topics! **knocks on wood** I don’t want winter break to go by too fast!

December 2010

Hmm…what was I doing? Oh yeah…

BEING EXCITED ABOUT COMING TO HIGH POINT! You know getting college acceptance letters in the mail will make you happy, but oh man. Getting into your Early Decision college choice before Thanksgiving really makes the rest of senior year seem like it’s going in s l o w  m o t i o n ! But you know what helps? Keeping up with all the work you have! You get up, go to school, your extracurriculars and sports, do your homework…and before you know it, the day is over and you’ve got one less day keeping you from being at HPU.

But just how excited was I?

So excited that I…

1)      Ordered an INSANE amount of stuff from the bookstore (but who wouldn’t?)

2)      Wore and used the above purchased items at school….ALL THE TIME.

3)      Began keeping a countdown to move-in day! (Which I believe for the Class of 2016, you guys are at 251 days (as of Dec 6)? Look for Kyle’s countdown post in the group!

4)      Showed the website to any and everyone.

5)      Was perfectly fine with winter break going by quickly, because that meant I was closer to graduating, summer, and High Point!

If you’re anywhere near as excited about HPU as I was, I hope you’ve joined the freshman group on Facebook, are following @TheHPUDormRoom on Twitter, and keeping up with everything there is to do!


Have a Happy Holiday !