Jan 05th, 2012




I’m writing this blog entry in the year 2011 but you won’t be reading this until 2012; weird, huh?


2012 is a pretty big deal for you. Regardless of whether or not you have committed to attend High Point University yet, you are all in fact, graduating from high school this year. Perhaps more importantly, especially for those of you who have selected High Point University as your home for the next four years, you can now truthfully tell people that you will be going away to college later this year.


Do not forget to enjoy your last five months or so left in high school. They go by faster than you could ever imagine and unfortunately, when it’s over, it’s over. FORTUNATELY, you will be starting the next chapter of your life as a freshman in college, and let me just tell you: college is potentially the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Considering High Point University is the one and only school I have ever attended, I can only speak from High Point experience, but everything you’ve ever wanted is within reach at college. May I suggest, and I know Dr. Qubein will agree with me, that you surround yourselves with great people when you get to school. Statistically, most life long friendships are started and developed throughout the college years, so be yourself and show people who you really are.


As I can see, many of you are communicating all over Facebook and Twitter and maybe some of you via text message. However, whether or not you have tons of “friends” already at High Point University, remember that things do change. The people I assumed would be my friends at college are drastically different than the people I am actually friends with at college, and that’s a good thing. You see, at High Point University, everyone accepts everyone, regardless of age. I have tons of older friends and not once have I ever been questioned for being somewhere or doing something. In addition, High Point University sets up tons and tons of activities for your first few days on campus, we like to call them “ice breakers.” Trust me, they sound very dumb and meaningless and they will sound even more dumb and meaningless all the way up to they very moment they begin, but they work wonders and everyone always loves attending. So, in the instance that you aren’t’ talking to a ton of your future classmates yet, don’t worry. You’ll make A TON of friends at High Point University, most will be freshmen but you’ll be making friends with upperclassmen as well.


I’ll be returning to High Point University, in my Belk Hall dorm room on Sunday evening because spring semester classes being on Monday, January 9th. You’ll soon see that for the most part, being home for a week or so is great, but after that you’re totally ready to go back to school. Everything about High Point University makes you feel incredible. I have so many friends, including a sister, who go to schools all over the country and in my opinion, after talking with them, High Point University is like no other school in the United States of America. Never mind the obvious arcade, movie theatre and steakhouse, High Point University has the most amazing bunch of faculty and students around. The teachers, the maintenance team, the security guards and those who work around campus in the eateries all make you feel like you belong exactly where you are. You feel like a celebrity all day, everyday and just because everyone waves, everyone smiles and everyone is willing to help.


Therefore, as you can see, High Point University is an incredible place to receive a college education. For those of you who have been accepted, congratulations, I hope to see you on campus soon. Happy New Year!