Beyond the Allure of the Ice Cream Truck…

Sometimes when people ask me about High Point, I tend to ramble (surprise surprise… told you I was a rambler) about the incredible amenities and the exceptional lifestyle that students are blessed to have here.  I get so caught up in that, that everyone gives up on waiting for me to shut my mouth and starts running away before I’ve even gotten to the incredible academics here.


I know what you’re thinking… “Eww… school? Work?” Coming from a girl that was ready to go into early retirement after her senior year of high school, I’d like you to know that college classes are actually kind of fun and really quite fascinating if you choose courses you’re interested in.


In just my freshman year, I have met some incredible faculty members teaching the students of HPU.  Their credentials are so impressive; they’ve gone to schools like UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, and I even recall meeting a professor who used to teach at Harvard. I trust these people to give me the extraordinary education with which High Point guarantees to equip their students.


I have one semester under my belt, and I recently just found out I made the Dean’s List- too legit! My educational career has been so successful that I’d like to share some information I have absorbed with your lucky self:

  • Biology-  Watson & Crick, who are accredited with finding the double-helix structure of DNA, actually deceitfully stole work from their co-worker Rosalind Franklin in order to figure it out. Poor Rosalind…


  • Love & Hate in Cyberspace (My first year seminar)- Studies show evidence to support the theory that if a person has attractive Facebook friends, he or she is deemed more attractive. Time for a friend sweep, eh?


  • Italian- In addition to learning the basics of the language, we also looked at Italian culture. I was shocked to discover that Ferrari invests no money into advertising but rather depends on word of mouth. Clearly it’s working for them.


College is great. You should definitely come so you can learn all of this stuff, too.  I learned so much in just one semester, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my freshman year has in store for me. In case you were wondering, I’m in: Intro to Marketing, Italian II, Business Ethics, Intro to Psychology, and Information Technology for Decision Support.


Feel free to ask me questions about anything I’m in right now, and I’ll give you the down low.


In the mean time, I’d like to wish all of my Presidential Scholar candidates the best of luck.  I know your scholarship weekends are coming up soon, and I hope you’re more excited than you are nervous.  The interviews are not scary. Really, the High Point family just wants to get to know you, so be yourself. I mean, don’t slouch in the chair and let out a huge belch… Or do.  It’s your call.

Have a great start to 2012, dear readers! And don’t fret; I will write to you again before you know it.