HPU Needs More…

What do you call a fish with no eye?
A fsh

As I was walking through the promenade being attacked by rain, my gaze happened upon the fountain found right outside of Norton. At that point I realized this school definitely needed more of one thing; fountains. I definitely believe that HPU needs more fountains.

Hear me out.

These fountains signify something to me. Every time I see a fountain on this campus, I am reminded of opening convocation, and feeling that sense of renewal as I walked through the waterfall. Not that I feel that poignancy every time I see a fountain, but when I see these fountains, I see growth. I see a part of campus that is new and shows that High Point University is now a completely redefined school.

In the coming years, HPU has big plans for expansion. Yes, that means we will be getting at least ten new fountains. Don’t forget that as students here, we are an ever-expanding family. Even as individuals, we are growing every day into something more extraordinary than our previous selves. As sappy as that sounds, that’s what I have taken away from these fountains.

Congrats to all of the girls who had to deal with rush week, and good luck to the guys who are rushing next week! And to everyone else, good luck this semester!