A Roof Over Your Head

I’m dedicating this blog to all of you upcoming freshmen that are having panic attacks about housing. Let’s get one thing straight:


There is not a single bad place to live at HPU.


It’s the honest truth. Our oldest dorms would be a dream-come-true to students at many other colleges.


I remember when I was in your shoes. I was so set on living in the UC because, let’s be honest, there are massive beds and granite countertops in the bathrooms. It’s pretty much a deluxe hotel.


Do I live in the UC? Nope. I’m a resident of McEwen Hall, a part of the complex that’s made up entirely of freshman girls.


Am I upset I’m not in the UC? Absolutely not. Living in McEwen is genuinely one of the things that made my freshman year so extraordinary. I mean, look how fun it is to chair race down the hall. I totally won that race, by the way. Oh, and that’s my RA down the hall on the right, giving us leftover candy from Halloween.


The thing about my hall is that you can’t walk out of the building without saying hello to at least three people you know.  It’s such a neighborly place! Sometimes when I come back from eating dinner, I’ll walk through the common room to see a group of girls painting their nails, making those crayon melt canvases, or watching Pretty Little Liars.  I always feel welcome to plop down with them and join right in on the fun, even if I don’t actually know them that well.


Some of the other dorms here have doors that automatically close behind them and living rooms inside each room instead of a common room for the whole hallway. The students living there don’t really know each other as we do in McEwen .


I’ll be the first to admit, McEwen is one of the oldest dorms on campus, and the amenities aren’t that of a deluxe hotel room like University Center. But I love my room anyway! I have my own bathroom, a walk-in closet bigger than my own at home, and plenty of room to have friends over to watch a movie.


Get your housing deposits in as soon as you can so you can have priority over which dorm you choose! But remember, there isn’t really a way you can go wrong. Every dorm has its pros and cons, but your freshman experience is whatever you decide you want it to be, regardless of where you live!