Oh nostalgia…

I see you riding
Downtown with the girl I love
And I’m like… haiku……….

Welcome back HPU!

Okay, so I have this self-diagnosed problem of nostalgia—so I like to think about the past… a lot. About this time last year, I was feeling everything on the spectrum from “ready to graduate” to “excited for college.” Within that, there was dealing with my mom telling me that she didn’t want me to leave the nest (to any of you are the oldest child in the family, I feel your pain.)

I was so ready to get out of high school, but of course, every day that came closer to move in day, I was worried about whether or not I would actually like it here. HPU looks nice in pictures, and the tour was amazing, but what if it was all act just to get freshmen in? While my mom was worried about the statistics, you know, is this the best school that I can go to, I was more worried about whether or not I’d be bored. I know that sounds silly, and I was worried about whether or not I’d have an “extraordinary” education, but to me it isn’t worth it to even go to college if I’m just going to be miserable the whole time. For me, nothing is more painstakingly miserable than being bored.

For anyone who’s in the position I was in, that’s most definitely not the case!

On top of racquetball, ping pong, and running, I found that I really like acting while I was here. HPU’s theatre department is outstanding and they’ve even won a couple of awards this year. On a whim, I auditioned for The Glasses, which is a new, developing play by Ron Burch (http://www.ronburch.net/). I didn’t even know I liked acting this much until I came here, and now I’ve made the theatre department a big part of my life here. The next production we’re doing is Twelfth Night, so if you’re interested in acting, or you just need an excuse to come back to HPU, I strongly encourage you to see it.

Point is: I found myself here and it’s only second semester. I can’t wait to see what else I find while I’m here, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be epic!