Hey Hey Hey

… Goodbye 🙁


While hundreds of you have been saying hello to the beautiful campus of HPU, those of us here have been busy getting work done and preparing ourselves for the next semester. The last of the projects and papers and finals are the only things standing in our way of being home! Whoops, I meant to say “standing in the way of being home.” You see many of us have gotten a weeee bit confused. You see, I do this little thing (as do many of my friends), where I call High Point University home, as well as Annapolis. Whether I’m going north on I-85, or south, I’m always going home. 2 homes, great feeling right?


See? You know you can call a place home when you’ve gotten into the local newspaper 🙂


But anyway! While you’re at home with senioritis in full effect, we’ll all be feeling the same but with summeritis. Of course we’ll miss our friends, fraternity brothers, and sorority sisters, but I’m sure everyone will agree that there’ll be nothing like the feeling of knowing finals are OVER, and you’re just that much closer to hopping on a plane, train, or into a car to go home!


Either way, continue to meet and say hello to some of the awesome people you’ll be seeing around campus in the fall, those will be the people who make you feel at home (aside from Nido and the sweet campus enhancement ladies) next year!