Introducing Brian…

The clock is winding down… at least for those of us who are not already at HPU because of Summer Experience!


These warm vacation months have been great to us but I’m sure everyone can’t wait to pack up and move in with their new Panther family. With our first day of college being only 33 days away (thank you Kyle Sites) I am certain I’m not the only one that is flooded with an array of positive and negative emotions. “How will I get to class on time? Is the freshman 15 real? Which frat/srat do I want to join?” The list of questions and concerns that must be racing through our minds is surely immense… however I do not doubt for a second they will all answer themselves once we are settled in to campus.


If you haven’t already, read through Dr. Qubein’s small book “Seven Choices for Success and Significance” about “how to live life from the inside out” that all accepted students received in the mail. It offers a great perspective on what we really must do in order to achieve our goals and what we can expect to encounter along the road to success. I do not feel as though Dr. Qubein has provided us with this reading material to promote his literature or to make sure that every HPU alum is a dominant member of society… but instead to demonstrate that he truly cares about us fulfilling our dreams and excelling at HPU….



I can’t wait to formally meet all of you and embark on my college journey, we truly are blessed to be attending a university so special and I don’t doubt that our class will be awesome.


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Until next time, PANTHER PRIDE.