Aug 03rd, 2012

Introducing Georgie…

Hey there! I’m Georgie, and as you’ve probably guessed by now (or not), that’s just a nickname. My real name is Georgesula…


It’s easy to pronounce, I promise!. I was born and raised in North Carolina, so while the other bloggers drive for what may seem like forever or have to catch a flight to get to HPU, I hop in my car and drive for an hour.


This past month has been extremely busy for me, as I’ve been getting things ready for move-in day. However, one of the things I’ve realized, or been reassured of this summer is just how helpful HPU’s staff is. I send out an email full of questions and get a quick but thorough reply thatanswers them all. The upperclassmen are helpful too! Everyone I’ve come into contact with has proven to be prompt in their responses and are invested in making sure that I am taken care of. Best of all, they’re nice! The first time I visited HPU was for an Open House. This was also the first time I had heard Dr. Qubein speak, and during his speech he guaranteed the parents that HPU would take care of their pride and joy. He was absolutely right!


I have no doubt that my next four years at HPU will be the best years of my life! I cannot wait to meet my future classmates and become an active part of the HPU community.