Introducing Mayeesa


Just two more days! I can’t believe how quickly move in day came! It seems like I was just filling out college applications yesterday and now here I am about to start my first semester at High Point University.


But before I go getting all sentimental, I should probably introduce myself.


My name is Mayeesa (pronounced phonetically, May-ee-sa) but most people just call me May or Miracle (the story behind that is one for another day). I’m originally from Queens, NY but I now reside in East Orange, NJ. I was homeschooled by my mom from 4th grade all the way to my senior year.

My personalized luggage tag HPU sent me.

I’m looking forward to experiencing the transition from homeschooling to a “classroom setting”. I’m sure it will go smooth thanks to the people at my new home, High Point University. One of the first things that caught my attention about HPU is the fact that they had an admissions counselor specifically for homeschool students. Speaking with my admissions counselor, Ms. Elizabeth Lamb during my application process was my first experience with the caring people at the school. High Point University sets itself apart from other schools in so many ways, but for me having an admissions counselor specifically for homeschoolers made the biggest difference.


Next stop HPU!

I’m all packed up and ready to head to High Point. The wait is finally over and I’m anxious to get on campus so I can experience all that this inspiring environment has to offer!



Until next time,