Welcome Home!



My name is Lars Farabee, and I am one of the Assistant Directors of Admissions here at High Point University.  I am also the new Admissions blogger, and I hope to introduce you to the wonderful opportunities that await you here at HPU!

One of those opportunities is experiencing the Move-In Weekend here at High
Point.  On Saturday, August 18th, we moved more than 1300 new students onto campus.  Students arrived with smiling faces, as droves of tie-dyed wearing faculty members and current students helped them unload their cars.  Students and families do not have to worry about carrying their belongings up many flights of stairs.  Here at High Point University, our incredible Orientation Crew moves everything in for you!

Move-In Weekend sets the tone for the rest of a student’s time here at High Point
University.  We believe that every student is an important and special member of our community.  We believe that our university works because we have a wonderful group of students that do amazing things here.  We want them to be excited to be a part of something special, and that’s why we make Move-In Weekend such a great

There were luau’s, cook-outs, soccer games and fireworks.  There were car races in the Point Arcade, and fantastic meals in our newly renovated Café.  There were tearful but optimistic goodbyes and enthusiastic smiles.  There were over 1300 students ready to start a new chapter in their lives.   All of us here at High Point University are thrilled to see where that takes them.

I hope you get a chance to experience this for yourself one day soon.  To do that, you have to take the first step and apply!  Our application can be found
at https://apply.highpoint.edu/, and I encourage you to start it right away. Also, keep checking back with this blog, as there will be tips and advice about the admissions process throughout the year.

Everyone at High Point University welcomes all of our new students to our extraordinary community!