We did it!

We’ve come together from every corner of the country (and from foreign nations!) to unite as the HPU family of 2016. By now everyone has settled in to their dorm and are facing the fact that classes have started. However we can’t help but get excited when thinking about all that’s in store for us as a class and how great these next four years will be, I’m certain I’m not the only one that feels that way. Hearing Dr. Qubein speak so passionately about his role as our caretaker and how he considers himself personally responsible for our success really sunk in. Gestures and comments like this present themselves constantly around campus and always reassure students that the level of care we are being provided is simply astounding.

Dr. Qubein addressing everyone at Convocation

When inclement weather required a location change for Opening Convocation the faculty at HPU made the change very smooth and enjoyable. Being the biggest class to date, the Millis Center was filled and the excitement was high for the start of our four years.


That’s all I have for now. I have acclimated in to the college life well and plan on doing great with my studies. If you take a second and reflect upon what we’ve been provided with so far and what’s in store, it’s not hard to realize that our college is in a word; rad. Take it all in, don’t let a moment pass you by, and unlock your full potential.

I’ll be back with more motivational words in a couple weeks!







P.S. The bald eagle, Challenger, flying across our heads in the gym was awesome…Ha!