A New Chapter

The 2012-2013 school year is off to a tremendous start. Classes started only a week ago and campus is full of familiar and new faces, which includes over 1300 new students! These students have already participated in some of HPU’s time-honored traditions such as the Signing of the University Honor Code, The Touch of Life which involves placing their hands in the Hayworth Park waterfall, as water is energy and life as this is a symbol of good luck for academic and personal success during the year, and the Derby Day celebration.

A fitting quote for this transition for our students is found embedded in stone on our Kester International Promenade. In the words of Galileo, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” This is a university of learning and discovery and we are challenging our students to discover new truths, learn new disciplines, make new friends and embrace the extraordinary culture that is High Point University.

This class worked diligently to become HPU students and are a part of an elite diverse academic community. They have already proven to be a special group and collectively have accomplished amazing things. Allow me to brag a little…

  • This incoming class brought our total enrollment to the highest in High Point’s 87 year history.
  • Over 53,000 students from across America and the globe inquired about a spot in the entering class.
  • Students within the freshman class alone represent 37 states and 17 countries.
  • This class represents the highest ACT and SAT averages of any entering class in High Point University’s history.
  • Among the entering student body are 40 National Merit Scholars, Valedictorians, Salutatorians and High School Student Government Presidents.
  • The entering class collectively earned over 2819 credit hours from Advanced Placement Courses.
  • There are 30 students who have earned the distinction of Eagle Scout or Gold Award Recipient.
  • 40 students have a family member who attended HPU, 7 have a current sibling who is attending HPU and there are 5 sets of twins in the class of 2016.
  • The entering class is very well traveled and has collectively visited over 100 foreign countries.
  • As a whole, the class speaks 14 languages fluently.
  • The class has earned significant athletic recognition. There are 11 All-Americans, 38 All-State Selections, and 21 state champions. The baseball team has one newcomer who was selected in the 2012 MLB draft, women’s soccer welcomes the South Carolina Player of the Year, women’s golf welcomes a Gold Medalist with Bangkok Junior Golf Team and a top-100 ranked junior golfer in the world, a 4-time Hungarian junior national champion in men’s track, a member of the Hungarian national team in women’s track, and in men’s basketball a junior college national champion and a junior college All-American, just to name a few.
  • These students completed thousands of hours of community service, volunteering for places like Habitat for Humanity, Make a Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Miracle League, Relay for Life and Operation Smile. And 23 served as coaches and mentors for The Special Olympics. Many have started not-for-profit organizations to benefit their local communities.
  • The class is talented and resilient. It includes two cancer survivors, a novelist, a professional financial advisor and entrepreneur, two nationally ranked equestrian riders, a professional race car driver, a CNN affiliate, 42 traveled the world as People to People Ambassadors, a member of the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, many Girl State and Boy State participants, many gifted musicians, several entrepreneurs who have start their own businesses, one from Long Island won the Young Entrepreneur Challenge and was awarded $10,000 to help start his business.

Henry Ford, inventor of the assembling line in manufacturing and founder of the Ford Motor Company, put it plainly: “The only real security that a person will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.” These students have the ability to do and to achieve great things. Our learned faculty and the President will share knowledge and truths to enable meaningful experiences while in college and prepare them for life and the future.