Sep 04th, 2012


I can’t believe it’s only been a little over a week that I’ve been at High Point University! I feel like I’ve spent at least a month learning from my inspiring professors, having fun with my new friends and eating yummy sandwiches at the Great Day Bakery! I am so happy to be on campus at this exciting time, and looking back on my road to High Point University, it is amazing to find myself here.


I know for those of you who are seniors in high school, you are also beginning a new and exciting experience—college applications. I remember the flurry of anxiety and bewilderment I faced last year when confronted with all the different applications, so I want to give you a word of advice: don’t apply to all the schools you possibly can; apply to the ones you love. I made the mistake last year of applying to 23 schools without knowing much about them or even seeing myself going to some of them and when the time came to choose a school I was overwhelmed and completely lost. Thankfully, High Point invited me to the Presidential Scholarship weekend, after that I realized how lucky I was to be accepted somewhere so incredibly special. Those 22 other schools could no longer compare.


So, the moral of the story is, seniors, that the most important part in your application process is applying somewhere where you can see yourself going. And if that school happens to be High Point University, then you’re in for an amazing time!


Fall applications for HPU have already become available, so start working on your applications now to reduce your stress load in October and November. The Early Decision application (that’s the binding one) is due November 1 and the Early Action application is due November 8. Oh, and don’t worry too much about how impressive your application is. Just be yourself. Be extraordinary!